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Emilio Plá Escudero

Emilio Plá Escudero

Graphic & web designer for Mac and PC


Lizard USB flash drive

Emilio Pla Escudero Lizard USB flash drive

Blister pack and corporate identity of Lizard, an USB flash drive.

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Companies logotypes

Emilio Pla Escudero Companies logotypes

Logotypes that were used by multiple companies.

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Business cards

Emilio Pla Escudero business cards

Draft of logos designed inside business cards for an oil company.

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Here and beyond guide

Emilio Pla Escudero Here and beyond guide

Page displays from the guide "HERE AND BEYOND", property of the international non-governmental organisation Save The Children.

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Online Store Offers

Emilio Pla Escudero Online Store Offers

Advertising (banners and newsletters) of an online store.

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Bodybell icons

Emilio Pla Escudero Bodybell icons

Icons and banners i did for Bodybell website

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Douglas online store product detail

Emilio Pla Escudero Douglas online store product detail

Diagram of the detail of a product inside the website of a German multinational company (Douglas Spain).

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Bodybell SHOP

Emilio Pla Escudero Bodybell SHOP

Website of Bodybell Web Store (Bodybell SHOP).

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Juteco SHOP

Emilio Pla Escudero Juteco SHOP

Website of Juteco Web Store (Juteco SHOP).

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Comprar perfumes

Emilio Pla Escudero Comprar perfumes

Website of Comprar perfumes Web Store.

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ALP Solutions

Emilio Pla Escudero ALP Solutions

Official website of the independent consultant ALP Solutions.

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Pía López Izquierdo

Emilio Pla Escudero Pía López Izquierdo

Image galleries from the professional website of the architect Pía López Izquierdo.

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Magazine El Duende Contest

Emilio Pla Escudero Magazine El Duende Contest

Finalist proposal (2nd place) for the cover of the magazine El Duende. It was finally included in the prologue. Photomontage

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Moth priest

Emilio Pla Escudero moth priest

The Moth Priest. Don´t follow the light!. Acrylic on cardboard.

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Emilio Pla Escudero anti-dandruff

Creativity for an imaginary advertisement of HS anti-dandruff shampoo. Photomontage.

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Lizard venus

Emilio Pla Escudero lizard venus

The Lizard Venus. Tribute to the Venus of the mirror of Diego Velázquez in postmodern version. Acrylic on canvas.

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Emilio Pla Escudero self-portrait

>Physical and psychological self-portrait. Acrylic on canvas.

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Emilio Pla Escudero Moon USSR

Moon USRR. What if the past were the other way around? Photomontage.

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About me

Graphic and web designer with great creative restlessness focused on advertising and art. I have spent more than 14 years dedicating myself to creativity in all its aspects, since my training has been eminently artistic.

I graduated in Fine Arts in 2007 and with masters related to advertising creativity and graphic design, I demonstrate my vocation, and that is what I have dedicated exclusively in my professional work.

I have worked in this field with great success, which means that I have been learning in an environment of non-stop constant evolution.

In my professional website you can have access to a large sample of all my projects. Although all of them are very different from each other, you will see a gallery with numerous examples and their description.

I hope you enjoy watching them as I did creating them. I welcome you!

Contact me!